Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Shepperton Weir 22nd July 2007

Due to heavy rain around the country Shepperton Weir has all ten sluice gates open creating a wonderful 'hole' for kayak paddlers to play in.

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Playboater - Pete Scutt

Playboater - Mike Scutt

Playboater - Pete Scutt

Mike Scutt gives an amazing performance at Shepperton, making his boat literally dance on the water. He was placed 1st at Hurley Weir's squirt boat championships in 2003.

A young paddler from Hackney Canoe club surfing at Shepperton Weir and looking very cool...

Pete Scutt is Mike Scutt's younger brother and is equally impressive....

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Josephine said...

Chere Madame Annette
Vos pics sont v impressionant.