Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Baby Portraiture

Recently I photographed lots of tiny babies for Aquatots, a really cool baby swim school based in Cheltenham  http://www.aquatots.co.uk/  We hired a pool and spent several hours photographing little babies.  It was magical to see how they responded to being submersed for a few seconds, mostly relaxing and looking very comfortable being underwater.  All the babies had been attending Aquatots swimming lessons and had practiced submersions before, so it wasn't new to them.

After setting up my underwater studio in the pool, expert baby swim teacher, Fiona Munt-Whittle, carefully placed each baby in turn into the water in-front of me.  Previous baby photography sessions had left me feeling a little rejected as most babies burst into tears when they saw my diving mask and big underwater camera.  So this time I attached windmills and small toys to my camera and strobes, which definitely helped :-)

All images are copyright Annette Price and cannot be used without permission.


Gemma said...

Oh my goodness! Those pics are SHO cute! =>

Please take more babes swimming pics. they are really great!

Leslie said...


just wanted to mention to you that there are a lot of these swimming babies pics going up everywhere without any mention of this blog.

I don;t have any urls on hand, but I just thought I'd warn you...