Saturday, 12 February 2011

Underwater Portraiture 30th January 2011

On Jan 30th, following a short piece in a local paper and few posters that I had put up around the Charing Cross Sports Club, I photographed ten people underwater in three groups.  Apart from working for baby swim schools, this was the first time I had offered underwater portrait photography to the public.

The first session had been booked by a family of five, who really got into the spirit of an underwater photoshoot, which produced really fun family portraits. 



Then it was the turn of two young twins and their baby sister.  The boys just wanted to have fun, diving to the bottom and playing underwater....

For the last session, I had three beautiful synchronised swimmers to photograph.  The girls had come very prepared with several changes of outfit and a clear idea of the kind of poses they wanted to do. 

Thank you to everyone who I photographed that day and to my assistant Charlotte....

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